Who We Are

We are Productivity increase specialists.

Over the last decades and until today we help companies and corporations from all backgrounds to improve their bottom line and to reinforce their position in the market through Transformation and Reengineering Projects.
We are totally results driven and all our projects aim to significant economical results improvement right since the second month of the cooperation with any client.

We are different because we do not limit ourselves to recommendations but go one step further by implementing the changes we propose in order to increase revenue and decrease costs. We consider ourselves as Implementation Specialists.
We mix a “hand’s on” approach together with a top of the art ability to work hand in hand with our client’s leadership and management team that makes the difference and enable us to proceed very fast to changes implementation.

Behavioral change and focused Management Systems development and implementation guarantee for our clients the sustainability of the results we provide them with.
The numbers speak for themselves:
  • The average return on investment we delivered to our clients over the last years is 700%
  • 100% of our projects breakeven in the first year and 43% during the project itself
  • More than 70% of our business comes from clients giving us new assignments or recommending us to their partners or business relations
  • Over the last years, the average yearly implemented results that we generate for our clients overcome 8 million euros
  • % of Projects with Break
    even in the first year
  • % of Projects with Break
    even during the Project
  • % of new assigments
    by current clients